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Your Ultimate Guide To Gratitude

Gain the knowledge and habits needed to become more positive and fulfilled through structured, self-paced mindfulness.

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life

Get Your Personal Gratitude Journal Today

Made With You In Mind

Easy to Use

Your gratitude journal has been carefully designed to encourage regular gratitude through helping you focus on the positive aspects of your day and helping you prepare for a better tomorrow. All you have to do is follow the prompts on each page. It has also been thoughtfully made for printing or electronic use with a pdf annotating app.

5 Minutes A Day

Making a new habit can be a challenge. That is why we have made it simple! You have easy to follow habit tracking pages, timely check ins, and straight forward daily prompts that can take less than 5 minutes a day! We show you how to make gratitude short, sweet, and easy to keep. 

Psychologically Based

Our gratitude journal was created on the basis of positive psychology. This technique rewires the brain to focus more on the positive aspects  of your life and build resilience against negative circumstances. Gratitude also boosts serotonin and dopamine, which are your body's "happy hormones". All of this improves your overall mental well being.

What You Gain


Welcome & Introduction to Gratitude Journaling

Your formal welcome to your new gratitude journal, some helpful tips to help turn your positive mindset into a lasting habit, and the benefits of exercising gratitude daily.


Annual Vision Board

Your place to tangibly dream of your future. What goals you want to reach. in a year, how you picture relationships changing, and a place to refer back to for growth and appreciation.


Monthly Checkins

Your monthly check ins provide a space to reflect on the past month. This is a place to celebrate the wins and game plan how to modify old habits that are no longer serving you well.


Weekly Reflection Questions

Your Reflection Questions provide unique prompts each week to help you contemplate past joys and look to the future with excitement and hope.


Weekly Habit Trackers

Your Habit Trackers allow you to remain organized and view your weekly progress for how consistent your habits are becoming.


Weekly Medication Trackers

Your Medication Trackers provide you a safe place to keep a list of your daily medications and check off that you did indeed take them.


Daily Gratitude Prompts

Your Daily Gratitude Prompts guide you through questions that focus on helping you form a positive and grateful mindset.


Year In Review

Your place to look back on the previous year and see just how much you've grown. It is your place of positive reflection & celebration for personal triumphs and challenges you've overcome from the past year.


Next Year's Preview

Your spot to begin planning for next year's adventures and areas of focus. Script how you want the following year to look, what you want to experience, and how you will begin to make those dreams a reality.


550+ Reflective Pages To

Start every day with optimism

End each night with positive reflection

Set your intentions for tomorrow

Constructively observe areas of growth

Answer weekly self-reflective questions

Set monthly goals and review mindset shifts

Track weekly habits

Track weekly medications

Print or digitally use for personal versatility 

Turn self-care into a sustainable habit 


Invest in your personal gratitude journal 



WAS $47

NOW $24

Electronic Download Note

This Gratitude Journal is a downloadable product. It does not come as a hard-copy, physical item. The product will be attainable directly after purchase as a pdf document for downloading. After purchase, you may print or use electronically for personal use. You legally are not allowed to sell, give away, or share this product or any portion of these files with anyone. You are not allowed to use these files to create a new design to resell or share in any form - electronic or printed. Violating these terms of use will be considered copyright infringement and will be reported.


Since this product is delivered immediately upon purchase, no returns, cancellations, or exchanges will be accepted.

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